Scenes of Snow

December 19, 2008

Magical snowy scenes display Winter Storm Austin’s affects on December 19th and 20th along the eastern coast. Clumps of snow cling to the bare branches of trees and leaves of plants. A thick layer of powdery snow coats the ground making it look like a perfect white carpet. The water in the lake has frozen to a thin layer of ice in the center, but around the edges frigid water sits quietly. These photographs capture the wonder of a December snowfall.

Late Autumn Scenes

November 23, 2008

Picturesque scenes from Late Autumn display newly bare branches of trees. It is a little chilly outside and the sky is dark with clouds. The trees are desolate and the leaves having finished the height of their autumn beauty, have withered, cascading to the ground to where they will begin their winters rest. The ground is covered with a endless carpet of crunchy dry leaves. Winter is nearing swiftly and nature knows for they are preparing for the long months of lifeless cold.

Fences & Bridges

September 20, 2008

““Fences. Bars. Fortifications. Stockades,” George Hardy was saying. “They don’t make any sense. Whether the fences affect black or white, it’s enough to drive you mad, Maggie. This bridge was my response.””- Trudy Krisher (Spite Fences)